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  • nasal vaccine coronavirus

    Could a nasal COVID-19 vaccine actually work?

    COVID-19 is more volatile than other diseases that have nasal vaccines Mucosal immunity is tricky, according to experts If a nasal vaccine can be made for COVID-19, it could be a game-changer A nasal vaccine may offer an advantage in generating immunity to COVID-19, but some experts suggest that there is difficulty in manufacturing them […] More

  • another prohibition coronavirus pandemic

    Could the COVID-19 pandemic trigger a second Prohibition?

    Drinking bans across the world have been triggered by COVID-19. However, experts say it is both inadvisable and unlikely that the pandemic will cause another Prohibition of alcohol in the U.S.  One of the most notable drinking bans instituted as a result of the coronavirus was in South Africa, where the sale and dispensary of […] More

  • can you get coronavirus from a toilet

    Can you catch the coronavirus from a flushing toilet?

    Of all the ways COVID-19 can be spread, there is one way which is talked of far less often: flushing the toilet. No amount of hand sanitizer, hand washing, or surface cleaning can pull aerosolized particles of fecal matter containing the COVID-19 virus from the air. It’s hard to combat, but according to Harvard University’s […] More

  • loss of smell coronavirus symptom

    Why does the coronavirus make you lose your sense of smell?

    In the early days of the coronavirus, one symptom became a clear sign of likely infection: the loss of the ability to smell. It wasn’t immediately clear why olfactory capacity is affected by the coronavirus, outside of the disease’s targeting of the respiratory system. However, new research shows that this particular symptom of COVID-19, aka […] More

  • drinking bleach coronavirus

    For some reason, people are still drinking bleach to try to cure COVID-19

    You absolutely should not drink bleach (or a bleach solution) In Texas, dozens of people drank bleach in August In the past, Trump wondered about injecting oneself with disinfectant At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, QAnon supporters advised people that drinking bleach could cure COVID-19.  QAnon is a conspiracy theory that posits that President […] More

  • ace2 receptors coronavirus decoy

    Here’s how scientists are trying to trick the coronavirus

    A study published in the journal Science indicates that using engineered or “decoy” ACE2 cells could become a preventative treatment for COVID-19.  Decoy cells have already been used as a treatment for inflammatory and immune-related conditions, but use as an antiviral treatment is relatively new. It is likely that such a treatment would be administered […] More

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    Mini lab-grown organs show how coronavirus ravages the human body

    Clusters of organ tissue allow for observation of viral particle activity The coronavirus targets specific types of cells in lung tissue Researchers are able to test different treatments on organoids Lung, liver, and kidney damage from coronavirus has been further elaborated by the use of miniature organs grown in a lab.  These small-scale guts, or […] More

  • in

    Why does Trump want to cut COVID testing and what happens if he does?

    When President Donald Trump’s administration announced on June 24 that he would be cutting off federal funding for COVID-19 testing in the U.S., it caused the nation to do a double-take. Why would the president call off federal support for testing in the middle of a pandemic? Why does Trump say he wants to end […] More

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    Here’s what a second wave of coronavirus could look like in the U.S., based on what’s happening in South Korea

    Similar to the U.S., a holiday weekend may be responsible for a significant increase in reported coronavirus cases in South Korea.  Even with adjustments for differences in population sizes, 10 times as many coronavirus cases have been reported in the U.S. But South Korea is already taking action against a possible second wave of the […] More

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