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    Mini lab-grown organs show how coronavirus ravages the human body

    Clusters of organ tissue allow for observation of viral particle activity The coronavirus targets specific types of cells in lung tissue Researchers are able to test different treatments on organoids Lung, liver, and kidney damage from coronavirus has been further elaborated by the use of miniature organs grown in a lab.  These small-scale guts, or […] More

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    Why does Trump want to cut COVID testing and what happens if he does?

    When President Donald Trump’s administration announced on June 24 that he would be cutting off federal funding for COVID-19 testing in the U.S., it caused the nation to do a double-take. Why would the president call off federal support for testing in the middle of a pandemic? Why does Trump say he wants to end […] More

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    Here’s what a second wave of coronavirus could look like in the U.S., based on what’s happening in South Korea

    Similar to the U.S., a holiday weekend may be responsible for a significant increase in reported coronavirus cases in South Korea.  Even with adjustments for differences in population sizes, 10 times as many coronavirus cases have been reported in the U.S. But South Korea is already taking action against a possible second wave of the […] More

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    Young people make up disproportionate number of new U.S. coronavirus cases

    Many young people aren’t staying socially distant or wearing masks States are reopening too quickly, health experts say Stopping the virus will be impossible without buy in from younger people Mounting evidence shows that a healthy body and young age are not enough to protect someone from contracting the coronavirus. As young adults return to […] More

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    How is Africa avoiding a surge in COVID-19 cases?

    Only a handful of countries are driving up infection rates Many nations went on strict lockdown after their first few cases Low travel rates mean there’s less chance of spreading When the coronavirus pandemic began, many experts predicted horrific consequences for African nations with delicate healthcare systems. But six months into the COVID-19 era, these […] More

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    Why are some people coronavirus superspreaders?

    A small portion of cases are responsible for the disease’s spread A single person can infect hundreds of others Close contact and crowding create a superspreading environment When an individual or small group of people are responsible for a large-scale transmission of coronavirus, the vector of infection becomes what is known as a “superspreader.” How […] More

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    What is dexamethasone and how does it treat coronavirus?

    It mimics natural steroids to calm inflammatory immune responses  Survival rates have increased for patients on ventilators and oxygen Researchers say the steroid is common and affordable A steroid commonly prescribed for its anti-inflammatory properties might be the next major breakthrough in coronavirus treatment.  The researchers who conducted trials on dexamethasone say one-third of coronavirus […] More

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    How the coronavirus is affecting rural America and the agricultural industry

    Farm workers are often not well protected by employers  Working conditions are ideal for spreading coronavirus Farms have been closed as whole workforces test positive for coronavirus Similar to meat processing plants, farms are facing significant challenges in dealing with the coronavirus. With barrack-style housing making social distancing unlikely if not impossible between 10-20 people […] More

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    The latest models show 200,000 Americans could die from COVID-19 by October

    Early reopenings and all but forgotten social distancing practices have driven up the numbers for coronavirus mortality models by more than 30,000 since mid-June. Many states are seeing consistent large increases in new cases and hospitalizations, indicating that necessary precautions aren’t being taken. One model, cited by the White House and CDC, predicts a minimum […] More

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    More college athletes are getting coronavirus as NCAA allows them to work out

    Cases have been found through testing before team workouts even start College football season is still slated to start on time  A new six-week practice schedule allows for player observation College athletes were allowed to return to voluntary training on June 8 with several institutions already having reported positive test results among their players. At […] More

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