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  • Cats and dogs can catch COVID

    Yes, you can give COVID-19 to your pets

    We’ve known for a while now that animals can test positive for COVID-19, but according to the CDC, more investigation is needed into how different species can be affected by the virus. A recent Dutch study confirms that common household pets — specifically cats and dogs — can catch COVID-19 from their owners. “About one […] More

  • disposable masks environment

    How are all these disposable face masks impacting the environment?

    This story is regularly updated for relevance. Last updated: June 10, 2021 During the pandemic, masks have been scientifically proven to lessen the chances of contracting and spreading the coronavirus. It has also been mandated by President Biden, officially requiring people entering buildings and lands controlled by the federal government to mask up. On the […] More

  • Woman sleeping - COVID-19

    Researchers discover fascinating connection between COVID-19 and sleep

    Those far down on the priority list for the COVID-19 vaccine have been on the lookout for anything that can help them avoid serious illness from the virus. According to recent research, an extremely simple thing may improve your odds against COVID-19: sleep. Thanks to numerous studies on the effectiveness of repurposing existing drugs to […] More

  • Mardi Gras celebration - coronavirus

    Will the coronavirus knock out Mardi Gras?

    Mardi Gras, an annual New Orleans event that typically draws more than a million people, will feel a lot different in 2021. Slated to occur on Feb. 16, Mardi Gras is reportedly “not cancelled, just different” due to surging coronavirus cases. Mardi Gras cannot be canceled because it is a Christian holiday, according to the […] More

  • Kids and teens enjoying a snowball fight during a snow day

    What is the future of snow days when kids are remote learning during the pandemic?

    This winter, New York City saw its first massive snow storm in years. Pre-pandemic, such an occurrence would likely merit school cancellations. Normalcy has largely been redefined as the country adapts to the coronavirus pandemic, however, leading many schools to shift from in-person education to virtual learning. Many students are now attending classes via computers […] More

  • Man receiving vaccine - vaccine scams

    With several approved vaccines beginning distribution, experts warn to be wary of scams

    Several approved vaccines have begun distribution, and now federal agencies are warning the public against an onslaught of COVID-19-related scams. According to AP News, investigators from Homeland Security are cooperating with drug developers like Pfizer and Moderna in order to prepare for potential vaccine scams. “We’re all very excited about the potential vaccine and treatments,” […] More

  • A woman receives an injection, as people wonder whether the coronavirus vaccine will hurt

    Will the coronavirus vaccine hurt?

    One of the most common things physicians warn you about after being administered any vaccine is that you may experience soreness afterward, and if you do, you can take a painkiller to help lessen the discomfort. But will the coronavirus vaccine hurt? According to early reports, the leading COVID-19 vaccines in development share plenty of […] More

  • renewing passport during pandemic

    Is it possible to renew your passport during the pandemic?

    After eight months of being stuck in a pandemic rut, it’s natural for travel aficionados to wonder if leaving the country on a much-needed getaway is even possible right now. On a similar note, some whose passports might be expiring are worried that getting an updated one might be a difficult endeavor during a widespread […] More

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