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  • coronavirus on airplanes

    How many people have potentially spread coronavirus on airplanes?

    About 11,000 people have been exposed to the coronavirus on airplanes, according to a recent study by the CDC.  The study examined 1,600 cases of people who “flew at risk,” according to the Washington Post. Some of the people included in the study fell ill soon after flights, but the complex challenge of contact tracing […] More

  • tooth trauma coronavirus pandemic

    Why are we experiencing so much tooth trauma during the pandemic?

    Dentists have seen a rise in tooth trauma since March Stress, poor sleep, and bad posture are all contributors There are several ways to avoid a mid-pandemic trip to the dentist There’s been a startling rise in tooth trauma during the pandemic. Dr. Maggie Chen, a doctor of dental surgery, wrote in the New York […] More

  • workers comp for coronavirus

    Can you get workers’ comp for coronavirus?

    Employees exposed on the job are trying to qualify for workers’ comp The program only covers healthcare workers in most states California is taking a more inclusive approach More than 6.5 million people have been infected with COVID-19 in the U.S. since the pandemic began. In some cases, the process of recovery is brief and […] More

  • loneliness during the pandemic coronavirus

    Is the pandemic actually making us less lonely?

    Experts were concerned about a rise in loneliness during the pandemic  Virtual communication has led to a downtick in reports of loneliness Improved communication could mark a permanent change  Before COVID-19 monopolized all of our attention, we were beginning to address the issue of a loneliness epidemic. Experts were concerned that this issue would worsen […] More

  • can americans travel to mexico

    Can Americans travel to Mexico during the pandemic?

    Many countries aren’t allowing American tourists Tourists are still managing to visit many of Mexico’s popular destinations Travelers can visit the country but should do so with the utmost caution Restrictions stemming from the coronavirus pandemic have kept many citizens around the world from traveling internationally. In the U.S., travel restrictions went into effect on […] More

  • should asymptomatic people get tested coronavirus

    Should asymptomatic people get tested for COVID-19?

    The CDC changed its recommendations for testing asymptomatic people The department no longer urges asymptomatic people to get tested Experts fear this could worsen the spread of COVID-19 The CDC’s recommendations regarding asymptomatic carriers of the COVID-19 virus changed on Aug. 24. Previously, as the country fought to control the pandemic, everyone who suspected they […] More

  • can Americans travel to Canada

    Can Americans travel to Canada during the pandemic?

    Travel restrictions are still in place in Canada Only certain U.S. visitors are allowed over the border Canada is cracking down on illegal visitors to the country Coronavirus restrictions are beginning to lift around the world. Travel has started to reignite, but not everyone is welcome to travel internationally. As the U.S. COVID-19 numbers remain […] More

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