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  • different covid variants at the same time

    Can you get two different COVID variants at the same time?

    An unvaccinated woman in Belgium was infected with two different COVID variants at the same time, fueling new concerns over the rapidly spreading variants.  The 90-year-old woman died after being infected with both the alpha and beta variants in March. Several falls landed her in an area hospital, and she was subsequently diagnosed with COVID-19. […] More

  • Mask mandates sign in Grand Central Station; will the delta variant continue these requirements?

    Is the spread of the delta variant going to force us back to mask mandates?

    Just under 50% of the United States’ population has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and, in turn, many states have shed mask mandates and social distancing measures in a slow journey toward post-pandemic life. The rapid spread of the delta variant has some states and businesses reinstating mask mandates, however—even for those who’ve received their […] More

  • COVID sneezing

    Sneezing could be a sign of COVID-19 in fully vaccinated individuals

    The COVID-19 vaccines currently on the market are all effective at preventing severe illness and death due to the virus, and they range from 95% effective to 72% effective at protecting inoculated people against catching COVID. Inevitably, some people who’ve been fully vaccinated have still come down with a case of COVID, but the symptoms […] More

  • World Health Organization logo on building; the WHO is concerned about the lamba covid variant

    Scientists are beginning to get concerned about the lambda variant of COVID

    Yet another COVID-19 variant is sparking concern among scientists, as the lambda variant has been detected in 29 nations. It accounts for 82% of new infections in Peru, where the variant was first detected, and it is rapidly spreading among other countries.  The lambda COVID variant is extremely transmissible. Experts believe “its rate of transmission […] More

  • johnson & johnson booster pfizer vaccine

    If you’ve had the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, should you get a Pfizer booster to stay safe from the delta variant?

    As the delta COVID variant continues its rapid spread, new questions are arising about the efficacy of the different COVID vaccines. People who received the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines remain confident in their level of protection, but some people that received the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine are more hesitant. The rise of variants has […] More

  • delta variant masks

    Should everybody be wearing masks again because of delta variant concerns?

    The highly contagious delta COVID variant has continued its rapid spread through the United States, prompting some officials (but not all) to recommend that everyone—even vaccinated individuals—resume wearing masks while indoors.  The delta variant may be twice as transmissible as the original COVID-19 strain, according to experts. It quickly became the dominant strain in the […] More

  • delta plus variant

    What is the delta plus variant of COVID?

    A mutation of the delta COVID variant, dubbed “delta plus” by researchers, has arisen in several countries, including India, Canada, Russia, and the United States. The new mutation has several concerning properties, including increased transmissibility, prompting questions about what exactly the delta plus variant is and how it can be combated.  The delta plus variant […] More

  • mix and match COVID vaccines

    Should you mix and match vaccines to combat the delta variant?

    Mix and match inoculations are on the rise, as countries around the world use whatever COVID vaccine they have available to help citizens reach full vaccination. Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel switched up her vaccine brand for her second shot, starting in April with a dose of AstraZeneca and polishing off her inoculation in late […] More

  • is it safe to travel unvaccinated

    Is it safe to travel in 2021 if you’re unvaccinated?

    After nearly a year and a half of pandemic life, people worldwide are looking forward to finally breaking their quarantine isolation. The summer months always come with a surge in travel, and in 2021, the travel industry is expected to see an extra boost. The spread of the delta COVID variant has some people concerned, […] More

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