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  • covid booster shot

    Will you need a COVID-19 booster shot? And an annual vaccine?

    Americans may need to get a COVID-19 booster shot and annual vaccines in the future, according to two leading authorities on the pandemic, White House advisor Dr. David Kessler and Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla.  Kessler, the Biden Administration’s chief science officer for the pandemic response, testified before a U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee on April […] More

  • vaccinated people who get covid infections hospitalizations death

    Of the 77 million Americans who are fully vaccinated, here’s how many were infected with COVID anyway

    While many Americans are receiving COVID-19 vaccines and getting the protection that vaccines afford, they’re not entirely failsafe. Indeed, the Centers for Disease Controls and Prevention has reported that nearly 5,800 people vaccinated against COVID out of 77 million have become infected.  CNN reported, in an April 15 story, on what are known as “breakthrough […] More

  • covid olympics tokyo 2020 olympics 2021 concerns japan vaccination rates

    Will the Olympics become a COVID-19 superspreader event?

    The Tokyo-hosted Olympics are now just 100 days away, but less than 1% of the Japanese population has received even one dose of a COVID-19 vaccination, leading to concerns that the global event could become a superspreader event.  As CNN reported, “Questions remain over how Tokyo can hold a massive sporting event and keep volunteers, […] More

  • johnson & johnson vaccine halt

    CDC and FDA call for halting use of Johnson & Johnson vaccine

    Both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have called a halt to the use of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, following reports of blood clotting in a rare number of cases.  The April 13 decision to halt the Johnson & Johnson vaccine comes after “six recipients […] More

  • chinese vaccines effectiveness

    The COVID vaccines produced in China are underperforming—and officials are flip-flopping on what to say about them

    China’s top disease control official appeared to acknowledge that the two Chinese vaccines that the country is using in the fight against COVID-19 aren’t as effective as others released around the world, though he backtracked on those comments a day later.  Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention Director Gao Fu told attendees at a […] More

  • covid hospital numbers young adults

    Is the new COVID-19 variant putting more young adults in the hospital?

    CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky is warning that hospitals are seeing a growing number of young adults in their 30s and 40s admitted with severe cases of COVID-19.  “Data suggests this is all happening as we are seeing increasing prevalence of variants, with 52 jurisdictions now reporting cases of variants of concern,” Walensky said at […] More

  • secret dinner parties france

    Secret luxurious dinner parties that included champagne and caviar during the pandemic lockdown spark public outrage

    A series of secret dinner parties, some reportedly attended by government officials, have recently been held in Paris, sparking outrage among French citizens who are being asked to adhere to nationwide lockdown guidelines.  The New York Times, reporting on the phenomenon in an April 6 article, described the discovery of the dinners—with at least one […] More

  • covid fourth surge young people fireproof suit analogy

    The next COVID-19 surge could involve more kids

    Some experts are seeing—despite ongoing vaccination efforts—evidence that a fourth wave in COVID-19 cases is on its way in the United States. And when it comes, it could affect more young people than prior surges—including children.  “I do think we still have a few more rough weeks ahead,” said Dr. Celine Gounder, an infectious diseases […] More

  • covid easter new cdc guidelines, answering the question whether it is safe to celebrate easter

    The CDC says this Easter will look different

    Last year, then-President Donald Trump hoped that Easter could be a holiday where the United States would shift from lockdown measures to the sort of congregating Americans enjoyed before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. In 2020, it was not safe to celebrate Easter. But what about Easter 2021? An announcement issued March 31 from the Centers for […] More

  • sarah palin covid-19 family

    Sarah Palin has a surprising take on COVID-19 after she was stricken by it

    Former vice-presidential candidate and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has revealed she contracted COVID-19, and she’s sharing her story as a cautionary tale, advocating for mask-wearing and vaccinations while warning people that “anyone can catch this.”  Palin, in a People article, noted, “As confident as I’d like to be about my own health, and despite my […] More

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