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  • us-mexico border coronavirus

    Coronavirus patients are coming from Mexico to seek treatment in the U.S.

    Doctors are reporting that more and more people from the Mexican side of the U.S.-Mexico border are ending up in America’s hospitals, according to CNN.  Doctors say that many of their patients are U.S. citizens or people who have U.S. residency. Many of them were living, working, or visiting family in Mexico at the time […] More

  • coronavirus brain damage

    Is COVID-19 causing brain damage?

    About half of coronavirus patients are experiencing neurological issues  Middle-aged patients can experience confusion and strokes Experts are continuing to study why the disease is causing brain damage  An estimated 50% of people diagnosed with the coronavirus are experiencing neurological problems, such as confusion, headaches, and even seizures, according to a BBC report. That’s led some […] More

  • Jane Goodall coronavirus pandemic

    Jane Goodall has some tough words for humanity’s future once the pandemic passes

    The famous primatologist Jane Goodall said humanity will continue to see future pandemics, like COVID-19, if we don’t change our diets and start conserving animal habitats.  Goodall said in June at an online event for the organization Compassion in World Farming that habitat loss and animal consumption, especially through factory farming and wet markets, are […] More

  • is it safe to fly

    Is it safe to fly during the coronavirus pandemic?

    The CDC recommends that people avoid nonessential travel  The U.S. appears to have more lax health procedures than others Passengers reported no health procedures in place in some U.S. airports  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said that airplanes themselves are relatively safe because of how air circulates and how it’s filtered in […] More

  • will people stop shaking hands coronavirus

    Will the coronavirus eradicate the handshake forever?

    Health experts warn that it’s unsafe to shake hands during the pandemic Handshakes have been used for thousands of years Communication experts don’t expect people to stop in the future While the coronavirus has dialed back physical greetings, like the handshake, experts say it’s unlikely that people are going to leave behind the custom that […] More

  • in

    Want to become a contact tracer? There’s a school class for that

    Now that contract tracers are in demand more than ever, John Hopkins announced it has created a school course to prepare people for the job openings.  Contact tracing has become one of the many ways that the U.S. government is fighting the spread of the coronavirus. Contract tracers help people who have an illness, like […] More

  • movie theaters reopen coronavirus pandemic

    Will the coronavirus shut down movie theaters for good?

    The success of the Trolls World Tour digital release has theaters on edge Universal to start releasing movies VOD at same time as theater releases Universal said it “absolutely believes in the theatrical experience”  The coronavirus has thrown a wrench in the traditional movie-release process as theaters were forced to close their doors. But that […] More

  • coronavirus myths hoaxes

    Here are some myths about the coronavirus that are simply not true

    As the number of coronavirus cases has climbed during the two months of the COVID-19 pandemic, so have the number of conspiracy theories. Here are some of the most widespread coronavirus myths and hoaxes about the coronavirus. Do not use bleach to disinfect your body: Despite the ruminations from some high-profile politicians, bleach and other […] More