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  • Hands with vitamins - Vitamin D coronavirus

    Does Vitamin D reduce the coronavirus mortality rate?

    COVID-19 vaccines are currently being rolled out by Pfizer and Moderna. While people wait for their turn to be inoculated, they are seeking any means necessary to improve their immune health. Sales of vitamin D supplements have skyrocketed during the pandemic, due to preliminary evidence suggesting vitamin D levels may be a key element in […] More

  • Los Angeles city skyline - COVID-19 hotspot

    Los Angeles is becoming a coronavirus catastrophe

    During the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, America watched as New York City was besieged by COVID-19 cases and deaths. Bodies piled up by the hundreds in refrigerated trailers and warehouses as morgues became overwhelmed with intakes. Now, the post-holiday wave is causing cases to skyrocket around the nation, and Los Angeles is seeing […] More

  • New years Eve fireworks over San Francisco

    How are cities around the world planning to handle a COVID New Year’s?

    At the end of each year, cities around the world typically plan festive New Year’s Eve celebrations complete with lively crowds, fireworks, and flowing libations. The coronavirus pandemic has made 2020 anything but typical, however, throwing a wrench into traditional New Year’s plans. Big cities have been left scrambling to provide a satisfying holiday experience […] More

  • a person holds a "vaccines save lives" sign as we wonder will people get the covid vaccine

    Are people still hesitant to get the coronavirus vaccine?

    With the Pfizer vaccine already being distributed to 50 states and the Moderna version not far behind, the big question on everyone’s mind is: Will people get the COVID-19 vaccine? Once again, it appears that American attitudes have changed.  A new ABC News/Ipsos poll conducted Dec. 12-13—just one day after the FDA authorized Pfizer’s vaccination […] More

  • A sign that reads 'Welcome to Vermont,' on of the best states for COVID-19

    Which states have done the best at combating COVID-19?

    Lacking a streamlined federal response, state and local governments have largely been left to their own devices when it comes to managing the coronavirus pandemic. It stands to reason that some states would be more successful than others at containing the pandemic, particularly when dealing with hurdles such as reopening, protests, and anti-maskers. So, which […] More

  • a person fanning out their money with their health insurance rebates

    Health insurers are raking in such huge profits during the pandemic they may have to pay YOU a rebate

    While the coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on dozens of industries in the U.S., health insurance companies are currently seeing skyrocketing profits. In the summer of 2020, large private health insurers such as Anthem, Humana, and UnitedHealth Group were reporting second-quarter earnings that were double from the year prior. But thanks to health insurance […] More

  • various medicines for people who are still getting colds

    Have people gotten fewer colds in 2020 because of the pandemic?

    With people taking serious precautions to avoid contracting COVID-19, such as social distancing and wearing masks, it stands to reason that this year’s cold and flu season would also be suppressed. However, as with most things pertaining to the coronavirus and other respiratory ailments, it’s not quite as straightforward as you might think. The question […] More

  • in-n-out opening with restaurant sign on beautiful day

    The pandemic isn’t slowing down In-N-Out, which just keeps on expanding

    The coronavirus has hit the restaurant industry particularly hard, as 100,000 (or, nearly one in six) restaurants in the U.S. have temporarily or permanently closed within the first six months of the pandemic. As a result, nearly 3 million restaurant employees are out of work across the country. Yet, In-N-Out, the popular Southern California fast-food […] More

  • coronavirus in dogs

    Can dogs be infected with the coronavirus?

    With still so many unknowns about how COVID-19 spreads, transmits, and mutates, you may be worried that your furry friends could be susceptible to a COVID-19 infection. So, is it possible to find the coronavirus in dogs?  The good news, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is that a very small number […] More

  • does height affect coronavirus, a molecule of which can be seen here

    Are short people more likely to be infected with the coronavirus?

    Since the pandemic began, scientists have determined that airborne respiratory droplets and smaller aerosols—as in, airborne particles that are more buoyant than droplets—are the primary way COVID-19 spreads. These particles have also been found to be capable of transmitting the virus even when an individual is standing more than six feet away from an infected […] More

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