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  • eye shields goggles coronavirus

    Should you wear eye shields to protect yourself from the coronavirus?

    In early July, the World Health Organization acknowledged that there was “emerging evidence” that COVID-19 could be transmitted through airborne particles, following the release of an open letter signed by 239 scientists which implored the agency to address the subject. Assuming this evidence is accurate, it would suggest that it’s possible for viral droplets floating […] More

  • coronavirus masks

    How many coronavirus masks should you have?

    More than 30 states now require people to wear facial coverings when they leave their homes to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, as other countries around the world that required face masks and social distancing measures early in the pandemic have been the most successful at slowing the spread of the disease. But how many […] More

  • tree nuts coronavirus

    Here’s how the coronavirus has affected the U.S. nut supply

    There are few global industries that haven’t seen an economic impact due to the coronavirus pandemic, and nuts, as it turns out, are no exception. Healthy eating trends and diets such as keto and paleo have skyrocketed demand for tree nuts like almonds and walnuts, in particular, over the past decade. Now that farmers have […] More

  • can schools reopen coronavirus

    Are parents comfortable sending their children to school in the fall?

    With only about a month or two before children across the United States typically return to school, the coronavirus pandemic has left plenty of questions about whether students will return to physical classrooms or will resume distance learning as they did in the spring. Basically, is it safe to send kids back to school? If […] More

  • coronvirus baby boom

    Will the pandemic lead to an influx of new babies being born?

    When millions of Americans were forced to hunker down in quarantine after the coronavirus pandemic broke out, it quickly became a popular joke that, for many couples, the time spent indoors together would naturally trigger a COVID-19 baby boom. After all, there are only so many jigsaw puzzles and binge watches to stave off boredom, […] More

  • weddings coronavirus

    Should you have a pandemic wedding in 2020?

    The coronavirus pandemic effectively put a kibosh on the 2020 wedding season, leaving many engaged couples hanging in limbo. Likewise, wedding vendors such as venues, caterers, florists, and photographers are left scrambling to recoup lost income. That leads to the question: Should you be postponing your wedding during the pandemic? Some couples and vendors are […] More

  • coins coronavirus supply

    How the coronavirus pandemic triggered a coin shortage

    As much of the United States went into lockdown in mid-March, supply chains immediately began experiencing shortages of everything from toilet paper and hand sanitizer to pasta and yeast. Even items like jigsaw puzzles and video game systems became scarce as those in quarantine made attempts to stave off boredom. Now, there’s a coin shortage. […] More

  • Vanilla Ice Fourth of July concert coronavirus

    Despite the pandemic, Vanilla Ice was all set to play a Fourth of July concert for hundreds of Texans—thanks to a loophole

    Amid surging COVID-19 cases, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) ordered the reclosure of state bars on June 26, just over a month after reopening them. The contingency was that dine-in restaurants could remain open provided the capacity is limited to 50%.  Given the state’s troubling statistics and dramatically rising coronavirus case rates, you might think […] More

  • in

    Even Goldman Sachs says wearing a mask could save the U.S. economy

    More than 50 countries around the world have imposed federal mandates requiring people to wear masks or other facial coverings when leaving their homes, but in the United States, it has largely been left up to state and local governments. President Donald Trump refuses to don a covering in public, and the official White House […] More

  • retirement plans coronavirus

    Could the coronavirus pandemic negatively affect your retirement plans?

    When the coronavirus pandemic first broke out, the stock market saw hugely negative downturns, with ripple effects that continued throughout the second quarter of 2020. And now the big question that hangs in the balance is how this may impact the retirement plans of many Americans. According to a report published by TD Ameritrade on […] More

  • buffet coronavirus safe

    Will buffets and salad bars return after the pandemic is over?

    Two buffet chain restaurants have already closed their doors for good Coronavirus isn’t spread via food, but everything around it is dangerous Cruise lines might be in a better position to adjust With or without an effective vaccine, the world is likely going to look different on the other side of the coronavirus pandemic—if for […] More

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