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  • why should kids get the covid vaccine

    Kids can now get the Pfizer vaccine, but should they?

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration opened the door for children aged 12 to 15 to receive the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on May 10. But does that necessarily mean kids should get the COVID vaccine, even if they are eligible? As NPR reported, “The authorization expands the pool of eligible vaccine recipients to about 87% […] More

  • Fleet of rental cars; now there is a shortage of them

    Why have rental cars become so darn hard to find?

    A significant dip in travel during the COVID-19 pandemic led many rental car companies to downsize their fleets. With far reduced demand for rental vehicles, companies like Avis, Budget, and Hertz cut down on the number of rental cars they made available to travelers. Now, as more people get vaccinated and travel begins to revitalize, […] More

  • indoor mask mandate covid

    Even Fauci says it might be time to relax indoor mask mandates

    One of the hallmarks—and controversial flashpoints—of the COVID-19 pandemic has been indoor mask mandates, requiring people to wear facial coverings while inside at public places. But now, thanks to increased vaccinations and decreasing numbers of new COVID-19 cases, the indoor mask mandate may be on its way out. Even one of the foremost U.S. pandemic […] More

  • is it safe to go to the office after the vaccine

    Is it safe to go back to the office after you get vaccinated?

    Vaccination rollouts have allowed many retail businesses, restaurants, and schools to reopen as COVID-19 cases continue to trend downward. One aspect of American life that has yet to pivot back to a return to normal, however, is that the office workforce is still largely working remotely. But some are wondering, is this a safety issue […] More

  • money for vaccines

    Would hesitant people get the COVID vaccine if they receive cold hard cash in return?

    Millions of Americans are still unvaccinated against COVID-19, despite broad efforts by experts and the federal government to get shots into arms. A broad swathe of the American public remains hesitant, or outright opposed, to the vaccine. In an effort to convince these hesitant parties, researchers are examining the potential of offering money in exchange […] More

  • is it safe to fly after vaccine

    Is it safe to get on an airplane after you get the vaccine?

    As the summer vacation and travel season approaches, you might be asking yourself whether it is safe to fly again—especially if you’ve gotten the COVID vaccine.   If you’ve already made some summer plans, you’re in luck. The Centers for Disease Control has updated its guidance on travel for fully vaccinated people. As long as […] More

  • covid summer 2021 when will pandemic end

    COVID-19 pandemic could be finished in U.S. by summer, CDC says

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a paper on May 5 declaring that the COVID-19 pandemic could be over, or at least marked by “a sharp decline in cases,” by summer 2021. The report from the CDC noted, “Data from six models indicate that with high vaccination coverage and moderate NPI adherence, hospitalizations, […] More

  • Woman holding a sign to convince people to get vaccinated

    How to convince someone to get vaccinated

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 70% of the population will need to be inoculated against COVID-19 to achieve a level of herd immunity. In the United States, this task is easier said than done thanks to anti-vaccination movements and political partisanship standing in the way. People with hesitant family members […] More

  • post covid psychosis

    A concerning trend of ‘post-COVID psychosis’ has experts baffled

    Medical experts are still learning about the side effects suffered by “long covid” patients. Symptoms include fatigue, headache, difficulty breathing, and even skin symptoms lasting weeks to months post-infection. Some doctors are even seeing patients experience neurological, cognitive, and psychological effects from COVID-19. These cases, which are being referred to as “post-COVID psychosis,” have cropped […] More

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