Here’s where you can get free weed for getting a COVID vaccine

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As the number of people seeking out a COVID-19 vaccine starts to ebb, officials are trying out methods to motivate the hesitant. Cash incentives, free beer, and even free guns are all being offered by different entities, and even weed has joined the list of rewards for getting a jab. That’s right, in some U.S. states getting your COVID vaccine could earn you free marijuana.

Washington state, New York, and Washington D.C. are all offering free cannabis to people who get the vaccine. Individual dispensaries in a number of other states are also offering free marijuana to people who get their COVID vaccine, including in states like Arizona and Michigan. 

Washington state’s “Joints for Jabs” campaign is offering one pre-rolled joint to anyone who receives their first or second dose at an on-site vaccination clinic. The campaign, effective immediately, will run through July 12 and is available to anyone 21 or older. 

D.C. has its own “Joints for Jabs” campaign and is likewise offering free joints in exchange for a vaccination. New York is taking a similar approach, but the state—along with D.C.—has struggled to track down enough cannabis to fit demand. Due to regulations, it can be difficult for licensed distributors to donate marijuana. So all of the weed included in the “Joints for Jabs” campaigns has been donated by home growers. 

In other states, like Arizona, dispensaries are offering their own incentives. The Mint dispensary has offered customers a free edible for proof of a vaccine, and Greenhouse in Michigan is offering a free pre-rolled joint. 

The campaigns have been massively effective. As noted by Greenhouse owner and CEO Jerry Millen, the company’s campaign has garnered an “overwhelming response.”

“It blew up bigger than I ever thought it would,” he told Forbes in early May. “We’ve given away 25,000 joints so far. And with the slow rollout of the vaccine, we just kept extending it.”

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