Ford is using a software update to sanitize police vehicles amid coronavirus

Ford police interceptor coronavirus
Photo via Raymond Wambsgans/Flickr (CC BY SA 2.0)

The recipe for killing coronavirus? Heat to 133 degrees for 15 minutes.

Some Ford police vehicles are getting a software update that will raise the internal temperature of the car to kill any viral particles which may be lingering, according to the New York Times

Models which will receive this update are the 2013-2019 versions of the Ford Police Interceptor and Interceptor Utilities. Introduced in 2012, these SUV hybrids will fill with air hot enough to render any viral particles essentially dead. Research done in conjunction with Ohio State University shows that these extreme temperatures can kill coronavirus particles on plastics, carpet, and other materials that can be found inside of a Ford Interceptor Utility. 

Previously, police officers had been disinfecting their vehicles by hand with rubbing alcohol and water, unsure if they were truly cleaning every surface to the necessary degree. With this update, officers will no longer have to worry about “missing a spot.” Ford is a major supplier of police vehicles, with the New York Police Department having a majority of 9,000 vehicles from the car company. 

This update is elective and needs to be installed by police departments themselves. Summer heat won’t cause a noticeable decrease in coronavirus cases, as it simply isn’t hot enough, but the knowledge that extreme temperatures are proven to kill viral particles is promising. 

Sources: New York Times, Fox News, Fast Company

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