From the readers: Noemi’s story

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Photo via Brussels Airport/Flickr (CC BY SA 2.0)

In this post, we share true stories from you, our readers. We hope you find some solace in, empathy for, and inspiration from each other.

Noemi, flight attendant, Calgary

“Late in 2019 after a grueling five-month interview process, I found out that I had been selected as a candidate for flight attendant school—my dream job! Attending school was no easy feat. Not only was I away from my family for two months, but we knew we’d be moving across the country just days after my graduation. My husband and family juggled all of my responsibilities, as well as their own, while I was in Montreal attending school for eight long weeks. I am so proud of myself for pursuing and achieving my dream job at the age of 38. 

“We started preparing for our move to my new base in Calgary, Alberta as soon as I finished school in March. We put our house on the market, my husband requested a job transfer, and we started figuring out the details of French school for our kids. I officially began work, flying two shifts in the middle of March. A lot was up in the air with COVID-19 at that point but I did know one thing—I loved my job. I got to combine my love for travel, helping people, and language skills and I loved every single minute of it. I knew that I had finally found my path.

“And then I was laid off.”

Read more about Noemi, via GermInfo.org.

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