Rock concerts are coming back full blast—but you might have to be fully vaccinated to go

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With infection numbers dwindling in many areas of the world, some of the activities we’ve been missing through the pandemic are making a return. Some of these activities, like returning to the office or visiting a museum, may have exemptions even for unvaccinated people. But what about larger events like attending a concert? To go to a concert, will you have to be vaccinated?

Broadway and other large concert venues are expecting events to resume in 2021, though many won’t return to full capacity before the fall. Some will host concerts before the summer months come to a close, but there’s a catch: You have to be vaccinated. Proof of a full vaccination will be required for a number of full-capacity events, including Madison Square Garden’s first concert without masks or social distancing since the pandemic began.

Foo Fighters are slated to ring in Madison Square Garden’s return to full capacity shows on June 20. Audience members will need to provide proof of their vaccination, along with tickets. 

Bruce Springsteen is also set to celebrate the loosened restrictions with a reprisal of his show, Springsteen On Broadway, running between June 26-Sept. 4. Like Madison Square Garden, Broadway will require audience members to provide proof of full vaccination prior to entry. Attendees under the age of 16 may be allowed to enter with adult accompaniment and a recent negative COVID test. 

Previous events hosted at New York venues, including Madison Square Garden, have not required people to be vaccinated. NBA games have been played at MSG, with separate sections for vaccinated and unvaccinated attendees. Most events that occur over the summer and winter months appear to nix the unvaccinated section.

That means if you’re hoping to attend a concert in most venues this summer, you’ll need to be vaccinated first. 

Sources: Gothamist, New York Times

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