How to help others who are affected by coronavirus

  • OFFER assistance to neighbors through apps like Nextdoor and WhatsApp.
  • Practice social distancing to limit the community spread of coronavirus.
  • See if local organizations are looking for volunteers.

Coronavirus has infected people in every state in the U.S., which means community resources may be spread thin. Nonprofits such as food pantries might be looking for volunteers to help package and distribute supplies to those affected. The Red Cross has also seen a shortage in the blood supply, so consider donating blood as well. 

How else can I be of service to my community?

If you are working from home or otherwise cannot donate your time, funding nonprofits and donating physical items can also go a long way. Many organizations, such as The Boys and Girls Club, Meals on Wheels, Restaurant Workers Community Foundation, and No Kid Hungry are all looking for donations to support their communities. As COVID-19 measures have increased and more people are staying at home, organizations like these which serve at-risk populations such as children and seniors will need both time and funding. 

If you are sick, the best way to serve your community is to stay home

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