How to interact with a delivery person during the pandemic

  • Have them leave the package outside of your door
  • After they’ve left the premises, retrieve your delivery
  • For now, the USPS won’t make you sign for a package

It’s already been established that catching COVID-19 from packages or the mail is highly unlikely. The living breathing person who delivers those packages or mail, however, is a different story altogether

Although it may seem unusual, the best practice of interacting with a delivery person during this pandemic is to have them leave the package outside of your door—whether delivery from a restaurant, FedEx, UPS, your postal carrier, and so on—where you can safely obtain it after they leave.

On March 22, the United States Postal Service issued a special statement on the coronavirus pandemic, ensuring that the agency is committed to following strategies and measures recommended by the CDC. In addition to encouraging employees to practice healthy behaviors and protocols—such as hand-washing, the proactive use of sanitizers, and the diligent cleaning of workspaces—they are also asking any employees who feel unwell to stay at home.

To comply with the “six feet” of social distancing rule recommended by the CDC, the USPS is temporarily modifying signature capture procedures. In doing so, customers will be politely asked to keep a safe distance while postal employees can take down any necessary information on an electronic screen or hard copies, such as return receipts and government forms.

Sources: USPS, Wired, CNN, CDC

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