How to properly wash hands

  • Use soap and warm water
  • Make sure you cover every part of your hands and wrists
  • Scrub for 20 seconds

Washing your hands correctly and thoroughly is one of the best things you can do to prevent the spread of coronavirus. International health organizations recommend that you wash your hands regularly and with warm water and soap, especially if you have to venture outside. 

You should wash your hands for about 20 seconds or sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice. It’s recommended that you use enough soap to cover all surfaces of your hands and rub them together thoroughly so that you scrub every part. After washing for 20 seconds, use warm water to rinse. Dry your hands with a towel and use the same towel to turn off the sink. 

What about hand sanitizer?

If you do not have access to water and soap, you can use antibacterial gel or hand sanitizer that contains 60% alcohol or more. Cover your hands with the gel and rub until it’s dry. If you have not washed your hands with gel or water and soap, avoid touching your face. 

Sources: CDC, World Health Organization 

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