Is it safe to party in Las Vegas after you get the COVID vaccine?

is it safe to go to las vegas after the covid vaccine
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With COVID-19 infection rates declining for the first half of 2021 and the number of Americans who’ve been vaccinated increasing, some people may be wondering if it’s safe to go on vacation. For example, is it safe to go party in Las Vegas after you get the COVID vaccine? 

Though the CDC has said vaccinated citizens can begin taking off their masks while indoors and outside in most scenarios, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s necessarily safe to go to Las Vegas after you get the COVID vaccine. 

Especially since by mid-July, the delta variant was making coronavirus cases rise while turning Nevada into a U.S. hotspot.

The CDC explains that even vaccinated Americans must continue to exercise caution and practice health guidelines, because even though scientists know the vaccines protect you from getting sick, it’s not a 100% safe plan. 

“We’re still learning how well COVID-19 vaccines keep people from spreading the disease,” the CDC said. “Early data show that the vaccines may help keep people from spreading COVID-19, but we are learning more as more people get vaccinated.” 

Additionally, scientists still are studying how effective the vaccines are against variants, especially the delta variant (though recent research shows that the Pfizer and Moderna versions perform well against it). 

If you decide to travel to Las Vegas—or maybe if you live locally—you can currently visit restaurants, casinos, retail establishments, and other tourist attractions. As of June 1, just about everything was open to full capacity. Nevada brothels officially opened for business again on May 1. Said the Nevada Brothel Association: “We can definitely do our jobs with a mask on. It’s not that hard.”

For much of 2021, Nevada had seen a steady decline in COVID-19 infections, deaths, and hospitalizations. In the first week of March, the state had an average of 350 new infections, down from around 2,000 at the beginning of January. 

But by early July, the vaccination rate in Clark County, the county where Las Vegas sits, was still lower than the national average (about 49% fully vaccinated compared to 57% nationally). According to the Washington Post, a number of casinos say 80-90% of their employees are at least partially vaccinated, as of late May.

After you get the vaccine, is it safe to …

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