Is it safe to party in Las Vegas after you get the COVID vaccine?

is it safe to go to las vegas after the covid vaccine
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With COVID-19 infection rates declining and the number of Americans who’ve been vaccinated increasing, some people may be wondering if it’s safe to go on vacation. For example, is it safe to go party in Las Vegas after you get the COVID vaccine? 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released its guidelines for Americans who are vaccinated. According to the CDC, you should still avoid medium- or large-sized gatherings. You should also still delay domestic and international travel. The CDC says that because COVID-19 infection rates are still so high in the United States (around 60,000 new cases daily), Americans should only travel if they must. The CDC probably doesn’t consider partying in Vegas “essential,” even if you might. 

So, no, it is not necessarily safe to go to Las Vegas after you get the COVID vaccine. 

The CDC explains that even vaccinated Americans must continue to exercise caution and practice health guidelines, because even though scientists know the vaccines protect you from getting sick, they don’t know if you can still spread the virus. 

“We’re still learning how well COVID-19 vaccines keep people from spreading the disease,” the CDC said. “Early data show that the vaccines may help keep people from spreading COVID-19, but we are learning more as more people get vaccinated.” 

Additionally, scientists still don’t know how effective the vaccines are against variants, like the strains first found in the U.K. and in South Africa (though recent research shows that the Pfizer version performs well against both). 

“We’re still learning how effective the vaccines are against variants of the virus that causes COVID-19,” the CDC said. “Early data show the vaccines may work against some variants but could be less effective against others.” 

If you decide to travel to Las Vegas—or maybe if you live locally—you can currently visit restaurants, casinos, retail establishments, and other tourist attractions. However, the city still has a mask mandate in all public spaces and requires venues to limit their capacity to 35%. Different casinos, resorts, and hotels each have their own health guidelines. 

In 2021, Nevada has seen a steady decline in COVID-19 infections, deaths, and hospitalizations. In the first week of March, the state had an average of 350 new infections, down from around 2,000 at the beginning of January. 

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak plans to open Las Vegas to 100% capacity on June 1.

After you get the vaccine, is it safe to …

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