Is it safe to play golf during the coronavirus pandemic?

is it safe to golf
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As COVID-19 cases continue to surge in the United States during the summer, golf courses remain open throughout the country. Like many other social activities, players might be trying to answer this simple question: Is it safe to play golf right now? 

America’s most famous golfers have taken widely different approaches to returning to the greens. For example, while President Donald Trump returned to the golf course on May 23, Tiger Woods chose to sit-out the PGA Tour’s first five tournaments to “play it safe.” 

Experts say if players follow guidelines correctly, golf is one of the safest activities people can partake in during the pandemic. 

MLive asked four health experts to rank 36 activities on how likely participants were to contract COVID-19 while doing them. Golf was given a risk level of 3, making it riskier than going for a walk, getting gas or takeout, and playing tennis. The experts considered it equally as dangerous as visiting a library or museum, staying at a hotel, buying groceries, and camping

“Golfing has a low risk, among the recreational activities, because it’s outdoors, is a non-contact sport, and has small groups of people,” the experts said. “It starts to become an issue when people start mingling, sharing golf carts, and getting within 6 feet of each other.” 

Dr. Nasir Husain, the Henry Ford Macomb medical director for infection prevention, stressed the importance of social distancing while golfing. 

“Just play golf, say hi and bye, and go on your merry way,” Husain said. “Don’t come close to each other.”

The PGA created a Back2Golf guide that lays out its three-phase approach to reopening courses. In phase 1, PGA says gatherings cap at ten people with strict social distancing, single cart riders, and clubhouses and other amenities closed. 

By phase 3—also called the “new normal”—there are no restrictions for capacity, clubhouse amenities, or golf operations. Still, players must social distance, and comprehensive sanitization procedures must be in place. 

Golf Magazine created a nine-point checklist for playing golf safely during the pandemic. The list says golfers should bring a mask for when they are near the clubhouse, bring their own water and cleaning supplies, avoid borrowing supplies from other golfers, and be aware that many communal tools like bunker racks may not be available. 

Additionally, Golf suggests players “condition [themselves] to the new conditions” and be open to the fact that the courses may not be as nice as before the pandemic, since many have had to cut back on expenses. 

“Take a deep breath and consider that Augusta-pure course setups are a modern invention, not the way conditions were always meant to be,” the author said. “In that sense, recent changes represent a reset. They’re also a reminder of what really matters. You’re playing golf again, which, as long as you’re going about it safely, is a whole lot better than sheltering in place.”

Is it safe:

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