Is the pandemic over? Tons of people apparently believe so

is the pandemic over? perhaps these english soccer fans think so
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A record high of 89% of Americans now believes the coronavirus pandemic is improving, although most say it’s not yet over in the U.S. But nearly three in 10 people seem convinced that the pandemic is now over.

According to a new Gallup poll conducted June 14-20, 71% of Americans say the pandemic is not over, while 29% say it is. Democrats are much less likely than Republicans to say the pandemic is over, but their standpoints vary based on factors such as gender, age, and region of the country. 

Overall, 57% of Republican participants say “yes, the pandemic is over,” compared to 4% of Democrats and 35% of independents. Men are more likely than women to believe the pandemic is over, according to the poll. Thirty-six percent of male participants said it is over, but only 22% of women shared the same belief. 

Developments, such as increased COVID-19 vaccinations in the U.S. and declining COVID-19 cases, likely influenced the American public’s belief that the COVID-19 situation is getting “a lot” (46%) or “a little better” (43%).

From July 1-8, the U.S. experienced 112,702 new COVID-19 cases and 293 deaths across the country, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But by mid-July, the delta variant had turned at least five states into hotspots, and one expert said, “you’re going to see a surprising amount of death” because of it.

Regardless of whether they believe the pandemic is officially over, many Americans are reporting fewer disruptions in their daily life due to COVID-19. 

Over half of U.S. adults, 54%, currently say their lives are “not much” or “not at all” disrupted. However, 46% of adults say their lives are affected “a great deal” or “a fair amount.” 

Similarly, Americans are experiencing an increased return to some semblance of normalcy in their lives. The percentage of U.S. adults who say normalcy has not been restored to their own lives has shrunk by 11 percentage points since May. 

Only 15% of U.S. adults say their life is entirely back to normal, but 62% say their life is somewhat back to normal and 23% say it is not back to normal at all yet. 

In addition to the 15% of people who say their lives are already back to normal, 46% believe their lives will return to normal someday, just not yet. Slightly less, 40% of U.S. adults say their lives will never return entirely to normal—not how it was before the pandemic. 

Of the people who do expect their lives to return back to normal, about 53% believe normalcy will come sometime in 2022 or later, while 47% expect normalcy to return in the next few weeks or months. 

Sources: Gallup, CDC

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