How having a PPE strategy is good for your business

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Last year, businesses nationwide closed their doors as countries across the world stayed home to regroup and figure out how to operate in the midst of a pandemic. Today businesses have adapted and are bustling once again. As of early March 2021, the CDC and OSHA aren’t mandating rules, and we believe that’s a problem. How will businesses operate safely without federally approved guidelines? The rules are staggered nationwide. Many states are going their own way, undermining the containment of the virus and the safety of these businesses. 

Worse yet, in some parts of the country state governments are actively undermining the slowing of the spread. On Tuesday, March 2, Texas Governor Greg Abbot announced plans to end the state’s mask mandate and open businesses at 100 percent capacity. This spits in the face of recommendations from medical professionals, especially with the country entering the vaccine phase. 

Choose safety for your business

Luckily, businesses and consumers are stepping up to fill this massive gap left by their government. The Facebook group Have Mask? Will Shop/TX is a collective of individuals and businesses who will take masking up into their own hands, despite state orders. Not only will they keep wearing masks everywhere they go, but they will refuse to patronize businesses who don’t require customers to wear masks.

It’s a sad state of affairs. But having a good PPE strategy for your business is the only prudent move you can make going forward. Just because your local government is dropping the ball, doesn’t mean you should. Luckily, good PPE strategy not only makes for good employees and happy customers, it makes for good business. 

Create a PPE strategy to protect your employees

One easy step to establish a good PPE strategy is to purchase PPE for your employees. We recommend the surgical masks and kids’ face masks made by Austin-based retailer Armbrust USA. These masks have the coveted ASTM Level III rating, are hypoallergenic, and even made in the USA. They also offer 99.2% bacterial and particle filtration.

A second, easily enforced rule is to mandate all customers wear masks when in your place of business. Why not offer them a mask before entering? That way, customers cannot make any excuses. It may be tempting to bend to the will of anti-maskers, but every mask-less person is a detriment to the health of your business and your workers. 

What are the best masks for my business?

Stocking up to keep customers and employees alike safe in your place of business is easier than ever now that Armbrust is offering bulk surgical masks for small businesses. You can get as many as 500 high-quality masks in a single box, which should be plenty for a month, depending on how much foot traffic you get. 

And like any great price club, you get a great discount when you buy 500 masks at once. A $275 value drops to a measly $150, well within reach of all budgets. We also recommend keeping a small stockpile, just in case supply lines run dry (or the more likely event of shipping delays due to weather). 

You don’t have to dig too deep for what the failure of this inaction brings. Who can forget last year when meat and poultry processing plants in the U.S. saw massive outbreaks of COVID-19 due to improper working conditions? This included poor PPE, lack of regular worker screening, and failure to implement extra sanitary measures. Not only did it affect meat supply lines, it led to 16,233 cases across 239 facilities.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way.  Regular screenings and encouraging workers to stay home if they are experiencing symptoms would be beneficial as well. Ensuring that your place of business has both the best weapons of defence against COVID-19, as well as contingency plans to clamp down further risks not only makes for a safe workplace, it makes for a profitable one.

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