Should you get your pets groomed during the pandemic?

is it safe to get your pet groomed during the pandemic
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  • Pet grooming may be considered “nonessential” in your city
  • Limiting face-to-face contact helps reduce spread of coronavirus
  • You might be able to groom your pet from home 

Is it safe to get your pets groomed during the COVID-19 pandemic? The short answer is that you probably shouldn’t be getting your pet a haircut. 

Health organizations have said that the best way to reduce your likelihood of catching and spreading the virus is limiting face-to-face interactions, which would include going to the groomer to get a haircut. Plus, some cities like Los Angeles have announced that pet groomers are considered nonessential and won’t be open during the coronavirus lockdown. 

Though large pet stores like PetSmart closed its grooming salons on March 21 “out of concern for the safety and wellbeing of both our associates and customers,” some of the company’s locations began offering those services again on April 6, according to Popular Information. It’s unclear if those services will remain open for the duration of the pandemic.

Although it’s important that some breeds of dogs get routine grooming, there are ways to do it yourself at home (or if you live in South Florida, this self-service pet spa is also an option). Dogs with shorter hair might be able to wait it out until after the coronavirus lockdown, but dogs with long hair need routine brushing so that they don’t get painful mats and skin problems. You can use unscented shampoo and a brush to groom your dog from home. 

If you’d like to take your dog to the groomer, check your state’s coronavirus guidelines before leaving your home to see whether grooming is considered an essential job. And as always, wear a mask and stay socially distant if you do, in fact, decide to get your pet groomed.

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