These states have hit the 70-80% vaccination benchmark. Will other states make it before the July goal?

which states have reached vaccination benchmark
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The deadline for President Joe Biden’s goal of administering at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine to 70% of the U.S. population is fast approaching. He aims to reach this vaccination goal by July 4, but some states are lagging far behind others. Of the 50 U.S. states, 13 have already hit Biden’s vaccination benchmark, and several others are well on their way to reaching the goal in time.

Some are far below the vaccination goal, however, and are very unlikely to hit the mark before July 4.

As of June 17, 64.4% of American adults had received at least their first dose of COVID vaccine, according to the New York Times, and 53% are fully inoculated. At the current pace of vaccinations, 68% of American adults will be partially vaccinated by the time we reach Biden’s July 4 goal, based on a seven-day rolling average of vaccinations. 

States that have reached the vaccination benchmark

As of mid-June, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Hawaii are some of the best performing states. More than 80% of the population in these states have received at least one shot. 

Connecticut, Maine, and New Jersey have also already surpassed the vaccination benchmark, with more than 75% of their adult populations partially or fully inoculated. 

New Mexico, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Maryland, California, and Washington, along with Washington D.C., have all reached the 70% partial vaccination goal. 

States that will likely reach the benchmark by July 4

Minnesota, Illinois, and Virginia are inching close to the vaccine benchmark, with less than 2% of their populations to go. New York is in a similar position, along with Delaware. Colorado and Oregon are close on their heels, with between 4-5% of their populations left to go. 

Puerto Rico is lagging a bit behind well-performing states, with only 60% vaccination so far, but the island is on track to surpass the 70% goal by July 4. 

States that are unlikely to reach the benchmark by July 4

A large portion of U.S. states is too far below the 70% goal to hit the vaccination benchmark without a sudden surge in jabs. Arizona, Alaska, Kentucky, Montana, Ohio, Texas, and Nevada have all inoculated less than 60% of their populations against COVID-19. Kansas, Michigan, Iowa, Utah, Florida, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Nebraska are performing slightly better, with all states above 60% but still too far off to likely reach the stated goal. 

Several other states—including Arkansas, Idaho, Georgia, and South Carolina—are right at the 50% inoculation marker. Indiana, Missouri, North Dakota, North Carolina, and Oklahoma are performing slightly better, with between 53-54% of their adult population at least partially vaccinated. Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Wyoming are lagging far behind, with less than 50% of their populations vaccinated.

Mississippi remains the worst-performing state, with only 45.1% of its adult population fully or partially vaccinated. 

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