That pizza place you’ve ordered from to support the local economy? It might actually be an undercover Chuck E. Cheese

  • Chuck E. Cheese recently launched Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings
  • Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings is delivery only
  • Grubhub refers to these kinds of operations as “virtual kitchens.”

Safety precautions in the name of COVID-19 have led many to support local restaurants by ordering delivery through apps such as Postmates, DoorDash, and Grubhub. 

A Grubhub customer in Philadelphia thought she was supporting a local pizza restaurant, Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings, when she recently placed an order. Upon further inspection of the order and after a Google search of the address, she found that the small pizza restaurant she thought she had ordered from was actually a Chuck E. Cheese, according to Food & Wine

To be fair, there is another restaurant in west Philadelphia called Pasqually’s Pizza, Beer, and Wine that has no relation to the children’s restaurant. 

Those who frequent the entertainment restaurant chain will note that Pasqually P. Pieplate is the fictitious chef at Chuck E. Cheese. However, the business is legitimate. The company recently launched Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings nationwide, sharing the kitchen space of Chuck E. Cheese locations but otherwise remaining a separate business. Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings is exclusively available on delivery apps. 

The pizza itself, according to a statement from a Chuck E. Cheese spokesperson who spoke to Food & Wine, is quite different from what the chain has offered in the past. 

“It is a different pizza that features a thicker crust and extra sauce, giving consumers a more flavorful, more premium pizza experience,” the spokesperson said. “While Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings recipes are currently only available for delivery, select items might be added to the Chuck E. Cheese menu in the feature.”

This type of operation is what GrubHub calls a “virtual kitchen,” a restaurant which exists only on delivery services and has no locations for customers to visit. These were instituted in 2019 on GrubHub, both as methods of trying different menu options and expanding business for  existing restaurants. 

Sources: Food & Wine, Mashed, GrubHub

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