The country with the fifth-most coronavirus cases in the world just had zero new deaths in a 24-hour period

Spain reported zero new COVID-19 deaths on June 1 for the first time since the pandemic arrived in March, data from The New York Times shows. For the past two days, the country has only seen 200 new cases a day. 

Spain’s emergency health response chief Fernando Simón said the data was “very encouraging,” according to the Associated Press

“We are in a very good place in the evolution of the pandemic,” Simón said. “The statistics are following a trend. They are going in the right direction.”

Spain has the fifth-most COVID-19 cases in the world, with more than 239,000 infections and 27,000 deaths, as of the beginning of June. The country reached its peak death toll on April 1, with 9,701 deaths. It has been declining daily since. 

Because of the encouraging statistics, Spain’s government has slowly begun to ease restrictions. Spain’s restrictions were some of the strictest in the world, with people only allowed to leave their homes to walk their dogs or to go to the grocery store. 

The New York Times reports that people in some regions were allowed to gather in small groups and dine outside beginning in mid-May. Small businesses and hair salons were also allowed to open. However, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez wants Parliament to extend the state of emergency orders until July. 

Spain will allow tourists to visit without self-quarantining for 14 days beginning July 1, according to the BBC

Sources: New York Times, USA Today, BBC

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