This ‘alternative healing’ salon refuses to see clients who’ve had the COVID vaccine

vaccine shedding
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A Scotland business owner is refusing to see clients who’ve received a COVID-19 vaccine due to her fears of “vaccine shedding.”

Glasgow “alternative healing” salon White Rabbit Healing recently communicated via Instagram that vaccinated clients are no longer welcome inside the business. In a social media post, which has since been made private, owner Suzanne Holliday informed customers that she made the decision in an effort to “protect” her clients. 

“This decision is not one of fear,” the Instagram post reads. “Fear is the lowest vibration. It is simply to protect my clients, myself, and my child from the unknown effects of this experimental injection after my own experiences since coming back to work.”

Holliday listed several well-known conspiracy theories about the vaccine, including the myth that it affects women’s menstrual cycles and fertility. She also repeated the debunked claim that the vaccine is “experimental until 2023” and leaned on scattered reports of “swollen limbs” and “blood clots” to bolster her point.

Misconceptions about so-called “vaccine shedding” have been around for months. The myth stems from a real occurrence called “viral shedding,” in which the body releases viral particles from a vaccine.

For viral shedding to occur, however, it requires a “weakened virus to be used as the basis for the vaccines,” according to Health. None of the COVID-19 vaccines take this approach.

The mRNA vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer teach our immune systems to recognize the “spike protein” of COVID-19 so that our bodies can combat the virus, and the Johnson & Johnson “viral vector” vaccine takes a similar approach. Rather than actually injecting anyone with a weakened version of COVID-19, like the chickenpox or MMR vaccines, the COVID-19 vaccines simply teach our bodies to identify and fight COVID-19 on their own.

The Instagram post was quickly subject to massive backlash. Holliday said she received “horrific abuse” on the White Rabbit Instagram account in the hours after her post went viral. She has since made the account private but still plans to suspend her service for all vaccinated customers until at least 2023.

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