What is a shelter-in-place order?

  • People are encouraged to remain at home for all non-essential travel
  • You can still go to essential jobs and attend doctor appointments
  • You can also buy groceries and pick up restaurant takeout food
  • You do NOT need to hoard food

A number of cities and states across the U.S. have been given shelter-in-place orders by state and local governments, and that means people are encouraged to stay at home for all non-essential travel.

But even with those orders in place, there are plenty of essential reasons to be in public. This kind of travel includes things like going to jobs which are determined essential by local or state leaders, buying groceries, picking up restaurant takeout orders, medical appointments, and pharmaceutical needs. 

It’s important to remember that with a shelter-in-place order, there is no need to hoard or stockpile food. There is no current shortage of any domestic supplies typically found in grocery stores, and a shelter in place will not keep you from carrying out necessary tasks.

While a shelter in place in many areas of the country is only reserved for emergency situations, the recent orders from states and cities are geared toward strengthening social distancing measures and closing businesses that facilitate large gatherings. They are not declarations of local emergency. 

Sources: Time, New York Times, CDC

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